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Local Law 87 Grants & Incentives Window Rapidly Closing

The generous Incentives, grants and rebates to help buildings comply with the Local Law 87 mandate are slowly running out.  An influx of applications from commercial and large multi-family buildings has surprised many in the industry.


If your building is due for LL87 compliance this year in 2017 winter testing needs to commence soon and your building needs adequate time to complete the retro-commissioning measures.  Contact Associated Renewable's Energy Management Solutions team and discuss getting access to the incentives before they run out.

Local Law 87 compliance on your mind? It's already late if your due year is 2015. Don't delay, get an Energy Audit & Retro-commissioing done before Dec 31, 2015. With us, you can get this done free.

Buildings in New York City need to conduct an energy audit & retro-commissioning and also file an energy efficiency report with the Department of Buildings for compliance with Local Law 87 (LL87).


If your building is due for LL87 compliance this year in 2015, there is very little time left to conduct the minimum required Level 2 energy audit! Fines for non-compliance start at $5,000 and compound annually. We offer free Local Law 87 compliance. Ask us how you can get your building's energy audit & retro-commissioning done for free.  Call us at (212) 444-8215 to speak with one of our account managers now.


Contact Associated Renewable's Energy Solutions team on priority if you want to file your energy efficiency report before December 31, 2015. This will ensure full compliance with Local Law 87.

Free Violation Removals for Local Law 84 (Benchmarking) & Local Law 87 (Energy Audit)

Have you received a violation notice from the Dept. of Buildings for LL84 (Benchmarking) or LL87 (Energy Auditing) non-compliance?


Contact our Energy Solutions team immediately at (212) 444-8215 for violation removals. We help you avoid further fines, shifting the burden of compliance away from property managers at NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Our violation removal process is free, thorough, simple but most of all, effective.

FREE Energy Benchmarking with us! Your 2014 Local Law 84 reporting deadline is May 1st, 2015. Avoid fines & call us now to file on time.

The following is a reminder from the NYC Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability!




As stated in the rules under Local Law 84, May 1st is the compliance deadline to file your Energy Benchmarking reports.


Currently, NYC properties exceeding 50,000 sq. ft. need to file their energy benchmarking reports by May 1, 2015 to report energy use for 2014. Failure to report energy use will result in quarterly fines of $500 until the report is filed.


The City will be issuing violations on a quarterly basis to those owners who fail to submit their building’s benchmarking report. If you did not meet the first benchmarking deadline, the second quarterly deadline is August 1st at 11:59 PM. The third quarterly deadline is November 1st


Contact our Energy Solutions team about Local Law 84 compliance today. Call (212) 444-8215 or email benchmarking@associatedrenewable.com

Have you received a LL87 Compliance Reminder? Contact us to file your energy efficiency reports for energy audit & retro-commissioning.

Mayor Bloomberg's Local Law 87 energy auditing and retro-commissioning mandate goes into effect starting January 2013 for large buildings in New York City. Buildings that cover 50,000 square feet or more of space or, two or more buildings exceeding 100,000 sq. ft. will need to begin energy audits & retro-commissioning and also file an energy efficiency report (EER) by the end of 2014 if their building block no. ends in 4.


If you have received a LL87/09 Compliance Reminder notice from the Department of Buildings, contact us to learn how you can file your EER for full compliance and avoid accumulating fines from any further delays.


By starting the energy audit & retro-commissioning early, you can save more money before the due date, but more importantly, get surer access to financial incentives, grants & rebates to reduce the costs of energy efficiency upgrades identified.


For more information on the law, the process, fines & violations, our Energy Solutions team is a valuable resource for you. Reach us at (212) 444-8215 or email info@associatedrenewable.com.

Interested in knowing more about Local Law 87? Please visit www.local-law-87.com 

New Energy Laws for NYC Buildings. Have You Complied?

The City Council, by passing Local Law 87, has mandated annual energy audits for buildings exceeding 50,000 sq. ft. in an effort to reduce New York City's GHG emissions by 2030. Now in its second year of operation, LL87 has drawn wide response from property owners & managers to complete auditing and retro-commissioning procedures required for full compliance. 


Property managers who take a proactive approach to ensure early compliance with LL87 will reap benefits earlier in the form of extended energy cost savings, lower energy consumption, improved comfort and, higher tenant occupancy levels. Associated Renewable's qualified energy experts will help clients obtain grants, rebates & incentives from a pool of financial incentives set aside by agencies like NYSERDA and Con Edison. Early compliance will ensure that clients can access these grants and rebates before they are spent.


Associated Renewable's Energy Audit team provides the latest technical instrumentation and expertise in implementing custom energy auditing & retro-commissioning solutions that are suited to each client.

Free Energy Benchmarking Local Law 84


January  12, 2012


(New York, NY)— Associated Renewable now offers a free multi-year energy benchmarking service. For further details please contact the energy solutions division.

NYC Local Law 84


January 10, 2012


(New York, NY) — New York City Local Law 84 is now in its second year of operation. New York City local law 84 requires buildings of 50,000 square feet to submit their 2011 annual energy data for energy benchmarking purposes.  Data should be submitted to the EPA by May 1, 2012.



Approximately 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City come from buildings. In a continued effort to reduce the city's carbon footprint, local law 84 is now in the second year of operation.

NY Commercial Properties Energy Audit


May 24, 2011


The State of New York has recently passed local laws that require commercial energy audits and assessments of all properties in the coming years. The forward thinking commercial property managers in New York are taking these steps early. Taking a proactive approach ensures that these property managers are able to apply for the various grants, tax credits, utility rebates and incentives that can significantly reduce the costs before they expire or run out.

Associated Renewable helps commercial property managers navigate through the various incentives and rebates to help reduce a buildings overall operating expenses.