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What is an ESCO?

Energy Services Company (ESCO)

An energy services company (abbreviated ‘ESCO’ or ‘ESCo’) is a full-service entity that offers a multitude of energy solutions including implementation of energy-saving projects, upgrading energy infrastructure, energy supply, power generation and energy performance management.


How ESCOs Work

In general, ESCOs design and implement energy efficiency projects and also offer a range of ancillary services such as analysis of energy savings  pre-construction, energy performance measurement and verification (M&V) after implementation, as well as, any maintenance or commissioning of the energy equipment installed.


Choosing an ESCO

It is important to choose a qualified ESCO to manage your energy projects from start to finish. Some points to consider while choosing an ESCO include:


  • Project Development:  managing the design and implementation of energy projects requires a team of specialized personnel that have engineering, technical and project management expertise


  • Monitoring and Verification (M&V):  post-implementation, the project’s performance should be monitored through energy management systems and M&V tools to ensure cost reduction occurs


  • Evaluate Energy-Savings Opportunities:  the ESCO should identify and evaluate energy-savings opportunities


  • Guarantee Energy Savings:  through energy savings insurance, the ESCO should guarantee savings from the project


  • Financing:  the ESCO should offer traditional and custom financing options for implementing the project for the customer



At Associated Renewable, we are not just an ESCO that offers project implementation and turns over operations after completion. We are a full-service energy management solutions company that ensures project performance throughout the entire life cycle of a customer’s energy needs. As an ESCO, we not only develop and install energy conservation measures, but also fund the entire retrofit project at no upfront costs to the owner; perform ongoing measurement and verification (M&V) to ensure savings occur as projected; perform annual audits to identify more savings opportunities; offer free annual energy benchmarking; and also handle the entire application process to obtain any applicable incentives for maximum cost reduction.


To learn more about Associated Renewable’s ESCO practice and determine how you can benefit from our expertise in energy conservation, please contact (212) 729-1152 or email supply@associatedrenewable.com

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