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Utility Bill Audit

Utility Bill Audits for Commercial Buildings

Buildings of all sizes and types need to reduce energy bills and recover any unnecessary expenditure that may have been incurred due to erroneous pricing, improper demand readings, incorrect analysis, improper application of tariffs or any other utility bill error leading to higher charges.


Large commercial buildings, multifamily residential dwellings and retail facilities can particularly benefit from utility bill audits because of the especially large volume of energy consumed in their operations, which greatly increases the potential for billing discrepancies regarding building energy use. 


Associated Renewable has a dedicated utility bill auditing team that obtains, analyses, and resolves errors leading to overages on utility bills of commercial, multifamily residential and retail entities. The team looks at classification errors and errors associated with best price received from procurement companies. In helping clients recover monies on their utility bills, we are compensated through shared savings only when a refund or credit is awarded to the client. If no money is recouped, the utility bill audit is done at no charge to the client. This means that clients essentially pay for the utility bill audit through savings found on the bills that otherwise would have gone unrealized.


Examples of Erroneous Charges Uncovered in Utility Bill Audits

·         Classification errors

·         Errors associated with best price procurement

·         Power contract charges

·         Electric demand reading errors

·         Tax overpayments

·         Improper distribution charges

·         Power contract errors


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s utility bill audits not only ensure that commercial, multifamily residential and retail buildings recoup overpayments on their energy bills, but also make certain that they are provided with solutions to reduce energy bills in future. After obtaining copies of your current and past energy bills, our utility bill auditing team will provide you with a cost breakdown, analysis of historical usage, billing and payment analysis as well as graphs detailing trends in energy use.  To learn more about our process for saving you money on your utility costs, contact our Energy Solutions team at (212) 444-8215 or email info@associatedrenewable.com .

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