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Sustainable Buildings

About Us

Associated Renewable is a leading sustainable buildings design firm. Our sustainable building design process involves a preliminary onsite assessment that will examine how efficient a client’s current commercial building is. Energy survey and analysis conducted by our energy engineers will identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) for the facility to reduce its energy use without impacting its current or planned operations. Our sustainability team will quantify how much savings potential there is for each of these ECMs and the associated costs for implementation. From basic low-to-no cost operational changes to capital cost programs, Associated Renewable’s experts can show you how to take advantage of sustainable technology to reduce the operational cost efficiently and economically. Our professional design contractors will analyze and generate solutions to suit your buildings and company needs.


What are sustainable buildings?

Sustainable buildings, green construction or green building are terms that refer the creation and design of environmentally responsible and resource efficient structures through their life cycle.This includes design, construction, operation and maintenance, renovation and lastly demolition over the life cycle of sustainable buildings. Buildings both commercial and residental are responsible for an estimated 40% of total energy usage in the United States and are one of the chief carbon emiiters other than transportation.


Why build/use sustainable buildings?

The goal for sustainable building and design is to reduce the overall footprint on the environment by efficient use of energy, water and other resources. The byproduct of efficient use is less waste, pollution and material usage. The advantages of sustainable buildings are their reduced operating costs. Sustainable buildings have excellent energy performance and usage. LEED designed sustainable buildings have a 1% premium cost but yield 10 times as much over the life cycle of the building. Sustainable buildings see anywhere from $53 to $71 per square foot on their property. These green buildings are better received by occupants and are more productive in LEED certified buildings. LEED and Energy Star certified buildings achieve significantly higher rents, sale prices and occupancy rates as well as lower capitalization rates and lower investment risk.


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s sustainability team will evaluate and identify potential sustainability options and then implement them to certify that your buildings are performing at their optimal level. For new building construction, our LEED certified engineers will design from the ground up the most cost effective and sustainable building. By designing and modeling your building before construction and after our simulations can predict the operational costs of your building and act to reduce costs, increase energy efficiency and sustainability. We understand the need to be flexible and will provide a wide range of solutions tailored to your specific needs.