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Solar Street Lighting

Solar street lights provide outdoor lighting solutions powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels either mounted to individual lighting structures or located nearby and wired to multiple lights.  The solar panels harness sunlight during the day and charge a battery.  When the solar street lights are needed at night the battery powers a fluorescent or LED lamp.  Solar street lights can contain sensors to monitor the level of ambient light and automatically turn themselves off or on, or dim their output.  This enables fully automated control and can reduce operation and maintenance costs.


Solar Street Light Applications

Solar street lighting is a viable solution for many lighting applications.  It is a flexible, renewable energy option for developers, property owners, and government entities seeking to reduce costs and have a beneficial environmental impact. 


Applications of solar street lights include:
•    Parking lot lighting
•    Pathway and trail lighting
•    Perimeter security lighting
•    Recreational shelter lighting
•    Developing world lighting where no uninterruptible power source exists


Solar Street Lighting Advantages


Solar Street lights have many advantages over traditional street lights, including reduced costs over the lifetime of the equipment, reduced maintenance, a diverse set of applications that go beyond traditional uses, and much more:

•    No electricity cost for lighting
•    Can be independent of grid
•    Reduced operation and maintenance costs
•    Add to a company, municipality or other entity’s portfolio of renewable energy
•    Environmentally beneficial and sustainable
•    Positive public relations


Associated Renewable and Solar Street Lighting


Associated Renewable has expert on-the-ground experience in procuring and installing solar street lights to meet individual customer’s needs.  In addition Associated Renewable is a leader in identifying and applying innovative financial solutions, including state and federal grants and tax deductions. 


Contact us today to find out how Associated Renewable can help you install solar street lights on your property.

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