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Solar Installation New York

Associated Renewable is a leading provider of Solar Installation services in New York. Our Solar Installation team is comprised of a strong group of professionals in engineering, finance, and sales, committed to a modern environment of renewable energy while imparting the best in customer service.  Solar panels house series of solar cells that harvest energy from the sun to produce electricity, which then can be converted for use within your home or business.  Excess power generation can be stored as energy for later use or sold-back to the utility to lower bills.



The New York City area is ideal for solar panel installation for a number of reasons.  First, the geographic location receives on average about 1450 kWh per square meter per year.  Secondly, NYC, being a modern, forward-thinking and fast-moving marketplace, is fortunate in that its residents and businesses can take advantage of a multitude of incentives and energy-efficiency programs offered by both the city and state, as well as federal.  In addition, the metro area is home to many skilled and technologically-advanced developers and installers with the know-how to get the job done well.  High electricity prices in the urban regions give even more reason to consider installing solar panels to curb electricity costs and prepare for future price increases. 



Associated Renewable will meet with the client to understand the client's needs and expectations,  proffer additional insights and ideas for further cost-savings in a whole-building approach, and discuss installation and system options, costs, and benefits.  After this initial assessment, we perform a full site analysis and prepare a detailed proposal for the entire project, with all possible incentive and grant opportunities included.  Then, Associated Renewable designs the solar system to cover energy needs, esthetic concerns, maintenance issues, etc.  Our company prefers to keep the communication lines open so that the client is informed throughout the entire process.

Associated Renewable is well-connected with the renewable energy industry and up-to-date with the latest innovations and products that can be incorporated into the design of energy-efficient systems.  We can also help secure financing; in this way, Associated Renewable can provide a complete energy solution for your building.