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Solar Energy Companies

About Us

Associated Renewable is one of the leading solar energy companies. Our solar energy process involves a rigorous assessment that will examine the feasibility for solar energy on a client’s property. Energy survey and analysis conducted by our energy engineers will identify the potential for solar energy capture. Our solar energy process involves a complete engineering and economic assessment for solar energy solutions. We see a solar energy project from inception to completion, and Associated Renewable’s experts can show you how to take advantage of available incentives and rebates to optimize the return on investment. Our professional solar energy team will analyze and generate solutions to suit your buildings and company solar energy needs.


What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the radiant energy produced by the Sun. It is both light and heat, and it accounts for the majority of the renewable energy on Earth.  Solar energy can be captured in the form of heat, known as solar thermal, which can be used to satisfy thermal demands such as hot water.  Alternatively, solar energy can also converted into electricity using the commonly known Photovoltaic technology.  As one of the leading solar energy companies, Associated Renewable’s solar energy experts will identify the ideal solar energy solution for your property.


What are Solar Renewable Energy Credits - SRECs?

The SREC program provides a means for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) to be created for every megawatt-hour of solar electricity created. The SREC is sold separately from the electricity and represents the "solar" aspect of the electricity that was produced. The value of an SREC is determined by the market subject to supply and demand constraints.  SRECs generate a revenue stream for the client immediately when the solar energy system is up and running. The sale of SRECs is intended to promote the growth of distributed solar by shortening the time it takes to earn a return on the investment.


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s solar energy services are conducted by a team of talented energy professionals who will conduct a thorough feasibility analysis for solar energy on your property. Using the latest and most effective technical instrumentation, our energy professionals will develop a complete accounting of potential solar energy capture, identifying design challenges and generating a number of proposals.  Our experts will assist you with securing financial grants, incentives, and rebates to ensure that your solar energy project will have an optimal return on investment. As one of the leading solar energy companies, we will propose and design an array of solutions to specifically meet your property’s solar energy requirements.