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Small Business

Providing Energy Supply to Small Businesses

Small commercial businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, boutique hotels and small shops can manage their energy costs more effectively through an ESCO. When you switch to Associated Renewable to manage your energy supply, we will supply electricity, natural gas or both commodities to your business and your energy will still be delivered by the local utility.


Why Choose Associated Renewable

Switching to Associated Renewable for your energy supply needs offers the following benefits:


  • No costs to switch or enrollment fees


  • Easy electronic enrollment


  • Fixed, variable or, hybrid pricing options


  • Free annual energy audit for the duration of contract


  • Dedicated account support to monitor and manage energy costs


  • Single utility bill including supply and delivery charges for most territories


  • Eligibility for sales tax discount when you switch your energy supply to an ESCO


Our Process

Associated Renewable offers electricity and natural gas for small businesses that want to manage their energy costs. Contact our Energy Supply team at (212) 729-1152 or email supply@associatedrenewable.com for a free analysis of your energy supply costs at no obligation to you.

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