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Resume Submission

"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds."

- Albert Einstein


To apply for a position at Associated Renewable please send us a copy of your resume in Word or PDF format. A covering letter must be pasted into the body of the email with ONLY the job title appearing in the subject line. Resumes NOT sent using this method and format will be automatically rejected by our mail server.


Please use the following email address:  jobs@associatedrenewable.com


Our structured recruitment process.

  • Step 1 - Application
  • Step 2 - Screening
  • Step 3  Shortlist
  • Step 4 - 1st Interview
  • Ste5 5 - Application reviews
  • Ste5 6 - 2nd Interview & Final Selection
  • Step 7 - Offer of Employment & Joining Process
  • Step 8 – Training commences