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Renewable Energy Potential

Renewable energy is emerging as the primary foundation for an efficient and sustainable future. Around the world, renewable energy projects and supportive laws are being implemented. In 2008, an estimated 19% of the total global energy consumption was generated from sources of renewable energy and studies suggest that by 2050, the entirety of the world’s global demands could be met solely through the utilization of renewables.


Businesses and individual can experience many positive effects from optimizing efficiency and sustainability through the use of renewable energy. To take full advantage of these beneficial opportunities, however, goals must be set and met. A renewable energy project should strive to:


  • Determine a feasible outlook for renewable energy performance
  • Develop realistic strategies for the incorporation of renewables
  • Advise on the introduction of renewables to meet energy goals and portfolio standards
  • Ultimately implement a successful renewable energy system


Our Renewable Energy Project Consultation services aims to help our clients achieve these goals in order to maximize the benefits. We help our clients’ businesses become more energy efficient, energy sustainable, and cost effective.


Our Process

With consistently growing renewable energy markets, Associated Renewable offers Renewable Energy Project Consultation services that provide valuable insight for product developers, project managers, architects designing renewable energy projects and property owner seeking direction for their own projects. We perform third party system commissioning, end-to-end management of projects, performance analysis, and system troubleshooting. Additionally, we offer system maintenance including site selection, feasibility study, applying for permits, design and construction, securing project financing, operation and maintenance phases.


Contact Associated Renewable today to receive a consultation to learn how you can incorporate renewable energy into ongoing projects to diversify your portfolio while improving your corporate sustainability initiatives.



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