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Pricing & Rate Plans

Our pricing plans at Associated Renewable are designed to meet the unique budget and usage requirements of our clients.  We work to develop customized plans and flexible contract options that can offer great savings on electricity, natural gas and renewable energy.


Grouping our customers

When Associated Renewable provides electricity, natural gas or renewable energy we group are customers together into larger pools to create greater buying power which leads to our low and competitive rates.


Pricing Options

We offer rate plan options for our clients which include:


Fixed Rate Plans

With our fixed rate plans the electricity and gas supply rates are set for the term of the contract. Our fixed rate contracts provide budget certainty regardless of the changes in the market. With our fixed pricing we offer 6month, 1 year, 2 year and 3 year fixed contracts.


Variable Rate Plans

With our variable rate plans the electricity or natural gas rates will vary with markets conditions. Factors like supply and demand will adjust the price. With our variable rate plans our clients are not required to enter fixed term contracts and have the ability to cancel the supply agreement at any time with no cancellation fees.


Indexed Rate Plans

With our indexed rate plans the rate is based upon a set mathematical formula and on a publicly available indexes. Generally our indexed based plans are linked to natural gas prices on the NYMEX.


Hybrid Rate Plans

Our hybrid rate plans are customized plans that includes any combination of the plans we offer above.  These plans are customized to our client objectives.

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