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Natural Gas Supply

Associated Renewable is a leading natural gas supplier. Our aim is not only to provide competitive prices, flexibility and convenience but we also want to help our customers understand the complexities of natural gas prices.


Natural Gas Pricing

The price of natural gas depends mainly on supply and demand. On the supply side factors that affect pricing include natural gas productions levels, net imports and storage levels. Increase in supply generally push prices down, whereas decreases in supply tend to push prices up. Since there are so many factors that affect the price, natural gas prices go up and down over time.


Natural Gas Plans

We understand that each of our clients have unique needs when it comes to their natural gas supply.   For both residential natural gas and business natural gas customers we offer custom pricing options to cater to their specific needs. To review our pricing options, please visit our pricing & rate plans page by clicking on the link below.




Natural Gas Bill Audit

Before Associated Renewable becomes your natural gas supplier we conduct a natural gas bill audit for free. The aim of the audit is to discover any billing errors from your local utility. If errors are discovered we help our clients obtain their refunds from the local utility provider.


Switching to Associated Renewable

When you switch to Associated Renewable as your natural gas supplier your local utility will continue to deliver your natural gas and will also continue to handle any safety services.


Free Energy Audit for buildings over 50,000 Sq. Ft.

To help our clients become more energy efficient we will also complete a free annual onsite energy audit at their premises for buildings that are over 50,000 square feet in size.  After our engineers complete the site visit, they will prepare the energy audit report. The energy audit report will breakdown what equipment accounts for what amount of energy as well as recommending ways to reduce energy consumption through energy equipment retro-commissioning or retrofitting.

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