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LEED Certification New York

What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a certification granted by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certification can either refer to a building’s rating, or a professional’s accreditation. At Associated Renewable, we focus on helping buildings in New York City attain their LEED certification, while also providing the education necessary to assist professionals in the New York area to acquire their LEED accreditation.

For a building to acquire a LEED rating, it must undergo a rigorous testing process coupled with a checklist of design qualifications. This includes everything from functional energy audits, to innovative water systems, to even features as simple as bike racks. The points given for each of these various ‘design features’ are summed and the resulting number dictates whether or not a building is LEED certified. Various standards and technical points exist for different types of projects, such as new construction vs. retrofits or retail vs. residential.


LEED Building in New York City

In a city with roughly 70% of its energy consumption attributed to buildings, LEED certification has moved from an idealistic goal to a necessity. In order to achieve operational efficiency, buildings in the New York area are becoming greener and greener, saving both money and energy. Furthermore, most LEED certified buildings provide a more enjoyable working experience. This fact has been proven to increase productivity of occupants, a goal for any business manager.

The New York City skyline is already dotted with examples of LEED excellence: The Bank of America building, One World Trade Center, and even the Empire State Building (in retrofit capacity). However, the push towards a truly energy efficient building sector is far from over. With over 900,000 buildings in NYC, there are clearly many areas ripe for improvement.


LEED Professionals

If you are interesting green design, sustainable energy solutions, or even just the green industry as a whole, there are many different types of LEED professional certifications available.

At the entry level, the LEED Green Associate provides a degree of accreditation for those interested in green design or working in allied disciplines such as real estate, investment, or construction. This accreditation requires related education as well as the successful passing of a LEED administered test.

For full LEED professional (LEED AP) certification, experience is a requirement. There is an additional examination as well as a demonstration of expertise within a subfield of LEED design. To view a list of these subfields please visit the USGBC website.


LEED New York at Associated Renewable

At Associated Renewable, we not only design the plans for buildings to acquire their LEED certification, but we also provide the installation services and technology necessary for implementation. If you are a building manager in the New York City area looking to get your building LEED certified, there is no better option than Associated Renewable’s expert staff.

Furthermore, Associated Renewable offers professional development education programs to help individuals in the New York area acquire LEED accreditation.

Whether in design, implementation, education, or ideology, Associated Renewable embraces New York’s transition into a more sustainable, and LEED certified city.