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Large Multi-family Buildings

Energy Supply for Large Multifamily Buildings

Since deregulation of electricity markets in the late 90s, many states allow buildings to obtain their own energy through third-party energy providers and ESCOs. Properties can choose an energy supplier to receive the commodity (electricity or natural gas) at competitive rates. Associated Renewable acts as an independent energy supplier for large multi-family residential customers (those with ten units or more) that are looking to manage their energy costs over the short and long terms.


Large Multifamily housing in New York City that utilizes master meters can switch to an ESCO for their electricity and natural gas supply needs. By switching to Associated Renewable for energy supply, large multi-family buildings will receive electricity, natural gas or renewable energy at competitive rates while energy is still delivered through utilities like Con Edison and National Grid.


Electricity Distribution in Multi-family Buildings

There are three primary ways through which electricity is distributed within the large multifamily housing sector. A large multifamily building can be entirely master-metered at the bulk electricity rate with no individual apartment meters; it can be sub-metered with individual apartments being billed for their own electric usage, or; it can be sub-metered with individual apartment meters and have a utility-owned master meter. According to an article in The Cooperator magazine, New York State now requires any new construction or buildings undergoing any renovation to have the necessary connections to be sub-metered.


Why Choose Associated Renewable

Large multi-family buildings have the following advantages by switching to Associated Renewable for their energy supply needs:


  • No switching costs or enrollment fees


  • Easy electronic enrollment with minimal requirements to get set up



  • Longer term fixed rate plans allow customers to lock in rates to fit their unique needs


  • No termination fees with variable rate contracts


  • Free annual energy audit during supply term for buildings over 50,000 square feet


  • Ability to completely fund any retrofit measures with no upfront costs, as identified in the energy audit


  • Dedicated account manager for each customer


Our Process

Associated Renewable provides multiple rate plans for supplying electricity, natural gas and renewable energy to large multi-family buildings. Each plan includes a free annual energy audit during the term of the agreement, which identifies energy conservation measures to further reduce energy costs. Contact our Energy Supply team at (212) 729-1152 or email supply@associatedrenewable.com for a free benefits analysis at no obligation to you.

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