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Our program gives you an opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience that lets you put your education to work. No one understands the value of education more than Associated Renewable. Our 6 months long internships/training programs for graduates are structured to facilitate easy transition to full-time positions.


No matter where you are positioned in our associates program, you'll be an important part of a global, multidisciplinary team that's working on critical, energy & environment solutions—solutions that's changing the way people live, work, and play.

Associated Talent Identification Program (ATIP) is designed to recruit and hire top quality interns to feed the talent pipeline for Associated Renewable.


We focus on identifying high-quality, challenging associates and recruiting the very best candidates to fill these positions.  This will allow us to fully evaluate students and identify any suitable entry-level positions available within the business.


Associates/Interns Qualifications

Senior or graduate school level at an accredited university
Major in the sciences, business, IT/IT related, statistics, engineering, environmental sciences (Note: Students with work experience in their major area of study including previous internships and/or co-ops and academic lab experience are preferred)
3.6 or greater cumulative GPA
Track record of achievement and leadership in work and/or extracurricular activities
Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
Evidence of leadership and teamwork skills
Desire for a career in energy & environment industry

Program Guidelines

ATIP will run year round and positions are posted via this website on an ongoing basis.

Students do not need to receive academic credit from their university.

Qualified candidates must meet the criteria set above.

Join us and see how you can jump-start your professional career with our associates program.


Forward a copy of your resume Attn: Human Resources department to: jobs@associatedrenewable.com

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