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Industry News - 2014

Industry Article Name Date Published
EPA & Freddie Mac to Cut Carbon Pollution & Increase Affordability of Multifamily Buildings Jan-2014

Commercial Building Owners and Managers Will Invest Nearly $960 Billion in Energy Efficiency Retrofits from 2014-2023

Jan 2014


Industry News - 2013

Industry Article Name Date Published
Taking the first step toward energy efficiency Jul-2013
Obama's Better Buildings Program Celebrates First Year Jun-2013
Measuring Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Turn that light off!) May-2013
Companies Share Energy Efficiency Secrets May-2013
Energy Auditing Your Building: How Good is Your Local Law 87 Report? Feb-2013
The Future of Energy Management in Commercial Buildings Jan-2013


Industry News - 2012

Industry Article Name Date Published
Renewables Electricity Capacity in US Now Greater than Nuclear & Oil Combined Dec-2012
Why Ongoing Commissioning Can Lead to Better-Performing Buildings Dec-2012
Air Travel & Efficiency: How U.S. Airports are Saving Energy Nov-2012
Drought + Superstorm Sandy + Looming Fiscal Cliff --> Revived Talk of a Carbon Tax Nov-2012
North America Leads Shift in Global Energy Balance, IEA Says in the Latest Energy Outlook Nov-2012
Energy Efficiency Can Buy 5 Years for Climate Deal Nov-2012
Increasing Interest in Carbon Tax Could Improve Energy Outlook for Renewable Energy Nov-2012
Worldwide Energy Savings, No Magic Required : IEA Report Nov-2012
Renewable Energy Industry Weighs in on Obama Victory Nov-2012
The Case for Comprehensive Energy Audits in Small to Midsize Buildings Oct-2012
Americans Use More Efficient & Renewable Energy Technologies Oct-2012
Survey: What Will It Take to Make Buildings More Energy Efficient? Oct-2012
The White House Executive Order - Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency Aug-2012
Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Is BIPV The Future of Green Building? Aug-2012
Big Oil Sees Growth for Renewable Energy Jul-2012
Plunging EV Battery Prices Seen Boosting Industry Jul-2012
Google's Zero-Carbon Quest Jul-2012
Project Finance for Renewables Jun-2012
Clean Energy Fuels & Quantum Fuel Systems Look to Gain as Auto-Makers Begin to Develop Natural Gas Vehicles Jun-2012
Scientists urge action on world's biggest problems May-2012
Solar Energy May-2012
More aggressive carbon reduction goals in Europe are affordable Apr-2012
The Chinese Try to Harness the Nevada Sun Apr-2012
Apple, Amazon clouds have been dirty, Greenpeace reports Apr-2012
New analysis shows solar PV is competitive in the Middle East Jan-2012

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