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Industry Investment News

Industry Investment News - 2014

Industry Article Name Published
Renewables Projected to Add Triple the Capacity of New Fossil Fuel Plants By 2030 Jul-2014
Commercial Energy Efficiency Retrofits Will Represent $969 Billion in the Next Decade Jul-2014


Industry Investment News - 2013

Industry Article Name  Published
Oil's Future Draws Blood and Gore in Investment Portfolios Nov-2013
Rich Investors Sitting on a Pile of Cash Nov-2013
Renewables Continue to Outpace Conservative Global Projections Jul-2013
Conventional Wisdom About Clean Energy is Still Way Out of Date May-2013
Energy Efficiencies May Cut $169 Bln in Business Costs Feb-2013


Industry Investment News - 2012

Industry Article Name  Published
US $14 Million Investment in Solar Research Nov-2012
New MLP Parity Act Could Give a Boost to Geothermal/ Renewable Energy Investors Jul-2012
Vedantix Says the U.S. Market for Energy and Environment Technology Services Will Reach $2.5 Billion in 2015 Jul-2012
Goldman Sachs-backed Firm to Invest $1.1 Billion in Indian Wind Energy Sector May-2012
Electric vehicle charging gets a jolt with a $47.5M investment May-2012
Energy Subsidies Total $24 Billion, Most to Renewables Mar-2012
Investors are Making Money on Renewable Energy Mar-2012
India's Renewable Energy Investment Outpaces Rest of the World Feb-2012
New Record: $260 Billion Invested in Clean Energy in 2011 Jan-2012
Solar Surge Drives Record Clean Energy Investment in 2011 Jan-2012
Associated Renewable, Inc. Files Form D with the SEC Jan-2012
Investors to Pursue Clean Tech Equity Despite Challenges, Paper Says Jan-2012


Industry Investment News - 2011

Industry Article Name Date Published
Capturing Opportunity: Cleantech Business Booms Around the World Dec-2011
U.S Clean Tech Companies Get More Venture Capital Nov-2011
Universities Commit to Billion-Dollar Energy Efficiency Investments Oct-2011
Investors Shifting Assets into Climate-Sensitive Sectors Oct-2011
Khosla Raises Bet on Clean Tech with $1.05-Bn Investment Fund Oct-2011
World Bank to Fund Small, Clean-Tech Firms Oct-2011
3Q 2011 Global Cleantech Venture Investment Up 12 Percent from Previous Quarter Oct-2011
Taking a Bet On Alternatives Aug-2011
Army Seeks $7.1B in Private Investment for Renewable Energy Power Plants Aug-2011
Energy Efficiency Financing Barriers and Opportunities Jul-2011
Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment (UNEP) 2011


Industry Investment News - 2010 & Earlier

Industry Article Name Date Published
Energy Efficiency & Real Estate: Opportunities for Investors 2010
Investment in Green Energy Quadruples in 4 Years Jun-2009
Green energy overtakes fossil fuel investments Jun-2009
The Size of the U.S Energy Efficiency Market May-2008
Investors Flock to Renewable Energy and Efficiency Technologies Jun-2007
BlackRock's New Energy Fund Lures Investors on Climate Change Oct-2006



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