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Incentives, Grants & Rebates Services

Grants & Rebates Services

Associated Renewable is a leading authority on identifying grants, rebates and financial incentives for our clients. Our grants division, a sub-division of our financing division, specializes in identifying & procuring energy efficiency/renewable energy grants on local, state and federal levels. We are 100% committed to finding the largest applicable grants, and matching them according to reduce our customers’ project costs.


What are Grants?

Because grants are free and tax exempt, they are probably the most popular type of assistance among those looking for aid. However, grants tend to be more difficult to acquire as compared to loans, and the cash amount of grants is usually less than what is available through lending assistance.


What are Rebates?

Rebates are money that you receive by way of reduction, return or refund of the amount that has been paid for a product or service. Rebates for energy efficiency customers include cash money or discounts offered on energy audits, lighting retrofits, HVAC upgrades, and other energy efficiency projects.


Our Services

Associated Renewable has a dedicated team of financial analysts & energy experts that identifies grants, incentives and rebates for our clients. The team takes care of the entire process from initial filing through acquisition of the offer letter & finally, receipt of rebate checks. Our clients include commercial buildings, multi-family residential buildings, offices, mixed-use facilities, schools and other large buildings.

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