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HVAC Services

What is HVAC?

The largest potential for energy conservation rests with optimization of centralized heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial buildings. HVAC systems allow for safe and healthy building conditions by regulating humidity, bringing in fresh air from outdoors while removing air through return-air grilles and, maintaining temperature through heating and cooling controls. Typically, HVAC systems are comprised of in-building and out-building sections; the in-building section consists of “indoor air loops, chilled water loop and refrigerant loops”, while the out-building section contains the “outdoor air loops and condensed water loops”.1


Source: L. Lu et al. / Energy and Buildings 37 (2005) 11–22


HVAC Operational Efficiency

By increasing operational efficiencies in the overall integrated HVAC system, our clients are able to capitalize on considerable energy savings in the form of lower energy bills, fewer upgrade costs and fully-functioning duct and pipe networks. Alternatively, our clients can also benefit from increased HVAC component efficiencies which are realized through optimization of specific parts within the cohesive HVAC system. After evaluating individual parts such as chillers, cooling coils, heating coils, pumps, motors and fans, Associated Renewable’s HVAC services aim to identify target areas for reducing energy consumption. 

Studies show that in a typical office building, lighting, heating and cooling represent about 65% of total energy use. From basic low-to-no cost operational changes to capital cost programs, Associated Renewable’s HVAC experts can show you how to take advantage of the latest HVAC technology to reduce the cost of heating and air systems efficiently and economically.


Our HVAC Services

Associated Renewable HVAC system optimization services aim to improve or recapture the original performance of a client’s HVAC system. HVAC systems are always a primary concern in building projects since HVAC systems’ energy consumption is the highest in electricity among all building service installations and electric appliances. HVAC systems can significantly degrade after installation even with efforts to maintain the system’s original condition. The effects of this degradation include rising utility bills, decreased comfort levels, costly repairs and/or system failure. Our certified engineers identify energy drain & system inefficiencies, and implement plans to revitalize the system.


Associated Renewable provides whole-system optimization of HVAC systems for small and large commercial buildings. As part of the HVAC systems audit, our technical experts will evaluate all HVAC features including the following:


Outside air intake and quality:  This will involve inspection of the building premises to study the carryover of exhaust heat, trash compactors, parking lots or any obstructions present in the location. To check outdoor air quality against applicable codes, our HVAC experts will check outdoor air dampers and VAV (variable air volume) systems for air flows.


Bird Screens:  To ensure that meshes are unobstructed, our HVAC services also check the condition of bird screens on the buildings’ perimeters.


Humidifiers and air washers:  Our experts are trained to evaluate spill contaminant systems, coil coverage and overall functioning of humidifier nozzles to make sure that indoor air quality is good.


Supply ductwork: To ensure that there are no air-leaks from the HVAC system, our experts will examine the building envelope for tears in the flex and lined ducts, unintentional openings in the access doors or return air grilles, short circuiting or any other air distribution problems.


EMS and DDC: Our experts will check the energy management system (EMS) and direct digital controls (DDC) for all mechanical rooms in the building to make sure that pneumatic controls, electric controls, fans and chillers are operating efficiently. In addition, they will also conduct preventive HVAC maintenance by making sure that control drawings are posted and spare parts are inventoried.


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s commercial HVAC services are conducted by a team of talented energy professionals who will identify and implement the steps necessary to ensure that your HVAC systems are performing at an optimal level. Using the latest and most effective technical instrumentation, our energy experts will conduct an exhaustive examination of your commercial HVAC systems and components, identifying specific problems within the entire system. We will propose and design an array of solutions to specifically meet your building’s energy requirements.


1Cai, et all. HVAC System Optimization – in-building section. Energy and Buildings, 37 (2005) 11-22.

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