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HVAC New York

About Us

Associated Renewable is a leading commercial HVAC New York firm. Our commercial HVAC New York process involves a preliminary onsite assessment that will examine how efficient a client’s current commercial HVAC systems are operating. Energy survey and analysis conducted by our energy engineers will identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) for the facility to reduce its energy use without impacting its current or planned operations. Our commercial HVAC New York process will quantify how much savings potential there is for each of these ECMs and the associated costs for implementation. From basic low-to-no cost operational changes to capital cost programs, Associated Renewable’s experts can show you how to take advantage of HVAC technology to reduce the cost of heating and air systems efficiently and economically. Our professional HVAC contractors New York team will analyze and generate solutions to suit your buildings and company energy needs.


What is HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning)?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems are mechanical systems that supply or remove heat, supply or remove humidity, and supply outdoor air when required within a building.  Commercial buildings in the U.S. consume 39% of America’s energy and 68% of its electricity. They are responsible for 38% of the carbon emissions found in the air. Studies show that in a typical office building, its lighting, heating and cooling represent about 65% of total energy use. Heating and air conditioning systems account for 30 to 50 percent of a commercial business’s annual energy bill. In New York, buildings consume 80% of the energy used! 


Why Perform an HVAC New York Assessment?

HVAC systems degrade in performance throughout time, having a typical lifetime between 15-20 years.  Decreasing HVAC performance coupled with increasing energy prices is environmentally and economically unsustainable. Assessing the performance of existing commercial HVAC systems will recognize areas for improvement that can significantly reduce operating costs.  Whether you wish to improve the efficiency of your existing commercial HVAC systems or are considering upgrading to a new HVAC system, a performance assessment will identify the potential steps to be taken in order to economically provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive work environment.






HVAC Replacement vs. Repair

  •  Commercial HVAC systems may see an improvement in energy efficiency with only low capital repairs. Alternatively, a complete commercial HVAC system replacement may be a more economical solution in the long run. The benefits of replacing your commercial HVAC system include:


  •     Efficiency – commercial HVAC systems have advanced over the past few decades. Some of the newest commercial HVAC systems use 30-50% less energy than HVAC systems from the 1970’s.



  • Repairs Costs – money spent on repairs of your current HVAC system can be better spent on a new commercial HVAC system. When major components of a commercial HVAC system fail, such as the compressor or the heat exchanger, the repair costs can be significant portion of a new HVAC system.


  • Incentives – utilities in New York offer rebate programs for commercial energy efficiency solutions. There are very limited incentives for repair of an HVAC system.


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s commercial HVAC New York services are conducted by a team of talented energy professionals who will identify and implement the steps necessary to ensure that your HVAC systems are performing at an optimal level. Using the latest and most effective technical instrumentation, our energy professionals will conduct an exhaustive examination of your commercial HVAC New York systems and components, identifying specific problems within the entire system.  We will propose and design an array of solutions to specifically meet your building’s energy requirements.