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Energy Supply

Deregulation of Energy Markets

The U.S. energy industry has undergone major restructuring to allow for the creation of competitive wholesale energy markets. Deregulation of energy markets in the 1990s has allowed power and gas consumers to choose their energy supplier, while the local utilities still continue to deliver this energy.  More than half the states in the U.S. offer deregulated electricity and gas markets.  Customers that are located in deregulated states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, Michigan and Massachusetts can take advantage of energy deregulation and shop around for the best prices for electricity and natural gas.


Our Energy Services Company (ESCO)

Associated Renewable is a leading supplier of competitive electricity, natural gas and renewable energy for customers that are looking to manage their energy costs. Our energy experts monitor conditions and track trends in energy markets, allowing us to purchase electricity and natural gas in the wholesale energy markets. Through our ESCO practice, we supply electricity and natural gas to customers that are looking to effectively manage their energy costs.


Our Model of Energy Supply

Our approach to reducing energy costs involves a systematic process that determines the energy consumption and load for each facility audited by our engineering team. We do not just look at reducing utility costs by offering better rates for energy commodities (e.g. electricity & natural gas), rather, we take a whole-system approach and recommend energy conservation measures (e.g. lighting and HVAC upgrades) that ensure reduction in energy usage even before the facility switches to our ESCO.


To learn more about managing your facility’s energy costs and switching energy supply from your local utility to our ESCO, please contact our Supply team at (212) 729-1152 or email supply@associatedrenewable.com

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