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Energy Performance Management

What Does Energy Performance Management Entail?

Associated Renewable Energy Performance Management is a service tool that can help make sure your building is operating at its optimal level and lowest cost.  Energy Performance Management an instrumented approach for gathering data from sensors in energy-consuming devices and communicating that data to interconnected resources or to back-end business processes or applications. This, in turn, enables intelligent decisions and actions that can lower energy use and help reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime. Our Energy Performance Management practice’s immediate goal is to increase operational efficiency, extend equipment lifetime and reduce overall costs.Associated Renewable looks at buildings from a holistic approach in order to maximize savings and minimize costs. We can help create a roadmap to get your “whole-building” running to its highest performance.


HVAC Energy Performance Management

Deploying the right heating and cooling equipment is key to establishing energy performance management, and making sure it operates properly is of equal importance.  There is a list of criteria to consider when selecting the appropriate heating and cooling technologies. That list includes:


  • Annual heating profile for water and/or space heating
  • Relative timing of thermal and electric loads
  • Space constraints
  • Emissions regulations
  • Utility prices for electricity and, availability and prices of other fuels
  • Initial cost and the cost of financing
  • The seasonal efficiency of the equipment
  • Complexity of installation and operation
  • Reputation of the manufacturer


Our Process

After evaluating decisions like the ones above, and purchasing and implementing new technology, Associated Renewable will benchmark your energy use so we have a baseline to compare your performance to that of each successive year.   Measuring your results will include gathering and tracking data in our databases and system.  Associated Renewable will then review your building’s energy use and cost each year. We will furnish a report that will analyze achievements and highlight areas that deserve attention.  This will help keep up your facility with financial savings, and also generate awareness about future energy projects that may need your attention.  Good energy management is good business and Associated Renewable can help you succeed. 


Image Courtesy: http://www.iea.org/papers/2011/buildings_roadmap.pdf