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Energy Monitoring

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring services allow for tracking of actual energy usage in existing buildings, and can be applied to a single building, a group of buildings, a system or a sub-system in a building. Building energy monitoring is often used as a way of reducing operating costs but can also be motivated by other goals specific to clients’ needs.


 Benefits of Energy Monitoring

 Understanding building energy use in systems is useful for diagnosing problem areas and identifying opportunities for cost reduction, for example through utility incentives for real-time pricing and peak demand shaving (demand response programs). Additional reasons for energy monitoring include:


 To determine energy usage during building commissioning

  • To evaluate potential for using alternative energy sources
  • To analyse costs and manage operations in real-time
  • Adapt building operations to actual energy use profiles
  • To reduce demand-side charges (sub-metering can provide additional energy data for specific loads)
  • Remote system maintenance (reduce staffing needs)
  • To verify use of performance-based contracts

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