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Energy Modeling

About Us

Associated Renewable is a leading energy modeling firm. Our energy modeling process involves a rigorous assessment that will examine the performance of a client’s building energy usage. Energy survey and analysis conducted by our energy engineers will identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) for the facility to reduce its energy use without impacting its current or planned operations. Our energy modeling process will quantify how much savings potential there is for each of these ECMs and the associated costs for implementation. From basic low-to-no cost operational changes to capital cost programs, Associated Renewable’s experts can show you how to take advantage of energy modeling strategies to reduce the cost of energy efficiently and economically. Our professional commercial energy modelers team will analyze and generate solutions to suit your buildings and company energy needs.


What is Energy Modeling?

Energy modeling involves using computer-based tools to simulate the energy use of a building throughout an entire year of operation.   It is particularly useful in order to characterize the energy use of a building and to quantify the savings attributable to green and energy efficient solutions.  It is useful in both the design process and retrofit process, as a complete energy model can thoroughly highlight energy inefficiencies and identify potential economic benefits.  This analysis is crucial in order to make informed decisions on potentially capital intensive energy projects.


Why Perform Energy Modeling and Simulation?

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Rating System (LEED™) requires energy modelingto assess the energy use of a building.  Any commercial building interested in LEED certification will require energy modeling if any of the 10 points possible under Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1, for optimizing energy performance, are to be attained.

Properly used, energy modeling can help optimize the building design and allow building decision makers to prioritize investment in the strategies that will have the greatest effect on the building’s energy use.


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s energy modeling services are conducted by a team of talented energy professionals who will thoroughly analyze your building’s energy systems. Using the latest and most effective technical software, our energy professionals will develop an accurate simulation of your building’s performance, identifying specific problems within the entire system.  We will propose and design an array of solutions to specifically meet your building’s energy requirements. 

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