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Energy Master Plan

Energy Master Plan


What is an Energy Master Plan?


An Energy Master Plan is a strategic vision and comprehensive plan for the use, management, and development of energy. A successful plan will meet both the supply and the demand side requirements. Energy usage is analyzed and assessed to determine where improvements can be made; based on these findings, a plan will thereafter be mapped out to facilitate the necessary improvements. An Energy Master Plan should quintessentially be a record of the past and a blueprint for the future.


An Energy Master Plan should aim to achieve many goals that will yield economic, environmental, and social benefits. A few of the goals that should be set for a successful plan are:

  •  Satisfying NYC energy codes and laws
  •  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  •  Simplifying maintenance procedures
  •  Improving processes and operations
  •  Decreasing energy consumption costs


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s Energy Master Plan services strive to ultimately reduce our clients’ energy and fuel consumption, minimize annual energy costs, and maintain environmental comfort and living quality. All of our suggested energy conservation improvements are achieved using life-cycle cost methods, particularly net present value analysis that weighs initial capital cost and future operation and maintenance cost. Associated Renewable will provide assistance in obtaining sources of external funding and rebates, which will be included as cost reduction in the net present value analysis. While an Energy Master Plan will be specially tailored towards the client, a general strategy typically entails:


  • Benchmarking the building or facility
  • Performing an ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit
  • Identifying the energy and carbon baseline
  • Uncovering weak energy performance areas
  • Assessing LEED and CHP potential
  • Determining a plan for growth


Contact Associated Renewable today for a consultation to learn more about the benefits of an energy master plan and to start your own course of action towards an efficient and sustainable future.


Image Courtesy:  http://ecocloud-sv.com/page/energy-efficiency