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Energy Management New York

Based in Manhattan, Associated Renewable is a prime partner and solutions provider in energy management by helping New York companies to develop and implement a comprehensive energy management plan as part of a strategic plan designed to reduce energy usage for cost savings or to become “net zero” (in some cases with carbon credits).  Associated Renewable will work with your company’s target objectives whether it is to realize energy and cost savings immediately or to develop milestones toward integrating a larger comprehensive plan over time.


New federal incentives are driving exorbitant growth in the energy sector and comprehensive energy management systems have been implemented throughout the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to further offset energy consumption. In particular, the City of New York has passed Local Laws 84 and 87 in conjunction with state-wide programs to meet planned levels of renewable energy integration. By implementing energy efficiency solutions and generating electricity onsite, the Federal government has elected to be an example for the private sector through responsible clean energy choices. This has also been implemented in order to save tax-payer money through lower energy costs through efficiencies.


A sound energy management system would include period audits to measure and monitor energy usage after the implemented energy efficiency and/or renewable energy system. Larger companies may use enterprise-wide monitoring software for this purpose, whereas smaller organization may opt for routine periodic audits. Rather than checking numerous utility bills, monitoring can help to locate where more efficient energy management can be implemented through new products or behavior modification.  Associated Renewable helps its clients stay abreast of changes in laws, maintain compliance through routine periodic audits, and  stay current, and more efficient with new generation of technologies that are more energy efficient that the last.


Please refer to our “Energy Audits” and “Benchmarking” sections for more detail on our energy benchmarking and energy audits services. Along with monitoring, these are the essential first steps used towards a comprehensive energy management system. Once the consumption benchmark is established and the simple audit (aka “baseline” audit) is performed, a customized, enterprise-wide energy management program can be designed to maximize cost saving from efficiencies in compliance with local laws. Associated Renewable can help you each step of the way, through this process, and with simple audit, advanced audits, energy monitoring audits, renewable energy consulting and more, for comprehensive energy management and comprehensive energy management system.