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Energy Efficiency New York

Energy Efficiency in the U.S.


Annually, the United States consumes approximately 100 quadrillion BTU’s of energy. Naturally, New York is among the top 10 most energy-hungry states in the nation. However, a closer examination of the data reveals that New York is a model supporter of green energy. For energy efficiency New York ranks as one of the highest states in sustainability. Energy efficiency in New York is an imperative strategy to reduce energy consumption, promote innovative technology, develop competitive markets for efficient energy, and protect the environment. By improving energy efficiency New York show cases the potential for all other states to follow in its footsteps.


Importance of Energy Efficiency

As the nation struggles with its dependence on fossil fuels, energy efficiency has become increasingly important to businesses. Businesses in New York now strive for higher energy efficiency in order to reduce spending on utilities. Rightly so, as studies show commercial properties can spend over $150,000 in utilities each year. However by increasing energy efficiency New York business owners can easily reduce their utility costs and improving the environment. For New York energy efficiency has become one of the best ways to reduce the operational costs of a business.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are important in the design of commercial buildings to achieve efficient heating and cooling as well as optimal fresh air circulation. Air conditioning systems have indeed become a key target for energy efficiency New York companies to aim towards lowering their drastically-rising carbon emissions.


Energy Management New York Initiatives


In the United States, municipalities and businesses have taken advantage of federal funding for energy efficiency programs, which reached $5.3 billion last year. Supporters of green initiatives such as NYSERDA and Mayor Bloomberg have funded programs in an effort to increase energy efficiency city-wide as well as at the state level with high aspirations. The Bloomberg administration’s PlaNYC 2030 program strives to reduce carbon emissions and obtain 30% of energy in NYC from renewable sources, thereby increasing energy efficiency in New York areas. Simply put this improves the chances that for energy efficiency New York will become a true global leader in building energy efficiency.

Despite the various programs geared towards helping companies utilize more renewable energy solutions, many businesses in NYC fail to obtain allocation from public benefit organizations. Of the $320 million available allocations by NYSERDA, the organization has decided to develop upstate NY, leaving only $8 million designated to the NYC area.


Our Role

Associated Renewable assists clients with the expertise and knowledge required to develop an energy efficient work environment. Located in New York City, our team of experts provides business management solutions through analysis based on best practices of industry leaders and the latest technology. We help our clients apply for various NYSERDA or other state incentives, grants, and loans that are available to help finance efficient energy projects. Associated Renewable’s energy efficiency New York team fields specialists that understand the grant application process to more easily procure the funds needed to develop a sustainable corporate profile. Energy efficiency New York clients of Associated Renewable aim to reduce their utilities costs by adopting strategies for effective carbon management. For example, energy efficiency in large buildings can be improved by introducing zoned heating, as a result of which zones are controlled by multiple thermostats, selectively circulating air to ensure heating and cooling. At Associated Renewable, our specialists and engineers work with the clients to incorporate their energy management goals by performing a post Benchmarking analysis of the data collected. As a leading New York energy efficiency consulting company we understand the need to streamline the process of creating your corporate sustainability profile and are readily available to address your needs and concerns.

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