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Energy Efficiency

Potential for Energy Efficiency

Associated Renewable provides clients with the expertise and technology required to drive energy consumption down while significantly improving productivity through energy efficiency methods. Concerns about energy security, greenhouse gas emissions and energy affordability have heightened interest in the incredible potential for energy efficiency. McKinsey & Company reports that $130 billion worth of energy saving opportunities go unrealized each year in the United States alone. Associated Renewable’s Energy Efficiency solutions offer immediate vast, low-cost energy resources for our clients and aim to improve our client’s ability to produce more with less energy.


What is energy efficiency? And what are the benefits of being energy efficient?

Energy efficiency, occasionally referred to as efficient energy use, is the process of using less energy, but providing either the same or better service. Anyone can participate in energy efficiency, and everyone can benefit from improvements in energy efficiency.  Practicing energy efficient behaviors and adopting energy efficient technologies yield significant benefits, which include - reduction in the need for investment in energy infrastructure, decrease in fuel costs and energy bills, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution and, improvement in consumer welfare. If energy efficiency is implemented globally, it is estimated that global CO2 emissions could be reduced by 7.6 gigatonnes by 2030. For our clients, reducing energy usage lowers energy costs and results in significant financial cost savings. Associated Renewable ensures that the financial savings offset the initial costs associated with implementation of energy efficient technologies.


Associated Renewable believes that providing our clients with the tools and resources necessary to develop an energy efficient workspace and environment is a relatively untapped solution for heightened concerns regarding pollution, global warming, energy security, and fossil fuel depletion. Energy efficiency solutions provide clients with the potential to realize immediate cost savings and to substantially reduce their carbon footprint.


The best way to understand this idea is through examples:


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and lighting accounts for up to 50% of a commercial building’s energy consumption. Replacing conventional HVAC and lighting configurations with advanced energy efficiency systems generally provides clients with instant energy consumption savings up to 40%. Similarly, when you replace office equipment such as computers and printers with more energy efficient models, the new equipment provides the same service but uses less energy. This immediately reduces the client’s energy bill as well as their environmental impact.


It should be made clear that energy efficiency is not energy conservation. Energy conservation is described as reducing or going without a service to save energy, while energy efficiency aims to provide the same or better service with less energy. Associated Renewable’s Energy Efficiency solutions focus on improving our client’s productivity through efficient energy use and ultimately reducing their energy consumption and demand.


Our Process

Associated Renewable promotes energy efficiency practices and technologies in buildings, mechanical systems, transport and industry, as well as end-use applications such as lighting. Our analysis identifies the best suitable practice for our clients, highlighting the possibilities for energy efficiency improvements and comprehensive approaches to realize the full potential of energy efficiency.


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