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Energy Audit New York

What is an Energy Audit?

A commercial building energy audit is an examination, analysis and study of energy flows for energy conservation in a building and their end-use applications in commercial buildings to identify energy conservation opportunities. Our energy audit New York services team will gauge and improve every aspect of energy that a building uses, and more importantly, wastes.

The energy audit New York team uses a rigorous “whole system” approach to inspect and find energy leaks. For Associated Renewable, the energy audit New York services we provide are designed to maximize energy efficiency and conservation while balancing the needs of the client.


New York Legislation Requiring Energy Audits

New York City’s Energy Efficiency legislation mandates energy audits and benchmarking for all residential and commercial buildings larger than 50,000 gross square feet, as stated under the provisions of Local Laws 84 and 87. Consequently, property owners are required to conduct a water and energy analysis of their buildings, submit it to the Mayor’s office by the deadline and undertake any necessary energy-efficient upgrades or maintenance in compliance with New York’s energy audit codes. The energy audit New York requires for residential and commercial buildings is to increase New York City’s sustainable green fingerprint.



Our Process

Associated Renewable seeks to leverage its resources as a leading New York energy auditor by providing a diversity of commercial energy audits, enabling buildings in New York and elsewhere to determine energy needs, cut power costs and, improve their bottom line profits through effective energy savings. Our New York energy audit team understands the challenges of pre-war facility energy management and contemporary construction projects, bridging the gap and establishing opportunities for significant energy efficiency measures for your property.


Our certified New York commercial energy auditors, replete with advanced energy audit experience, will determine cost-effective energy conservation measures (ECMs) to help our clients enhance their facility’s efficient use of energy through highly advanced tools and programs. The energy audit New York team recognizes the need to provide effective no nonsense energy conservation measures that increase energy savings. To audit energy use in New York, our energy auditor team is dispatched to examine and determine necessary improvements in a facility’s lighting, air compressors, heating and ventilation equipment, controls, air conditioners, water consumption equipment, etc... The New York energy audit team will then make a plan to optimize a property’s energy efficiency by creating a list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) that can reduce a building’s energy consumption by up to 50% with the implementation of our recommended improvements. For the energy audit New York team identifying Energy Efficiency Measures which are cost effective, sensible and easy to implement to the client come first. The New York Energy Audit team helps you exhibit your willingness to invest in your future and make sound business moves in regards to sustainable building management.


Our commercial buildings New York energy audit engineers will assess building envelope, heating, ventilation & air-conditioning, plus lighting functions and interview facility managers and staff.  Our New York energy audit team in addition, considers all possible ECMs, including solar and other clean energy generating systems to enhance your facility’s performance and most importantly, its value. By using Associated Renewable’s energy audit New York team a holistic approach generated to bring the best results to you, our client.


Energy Audit Types

Simple walk through – Level 1 Audit

This type of commercial audit is the least costly and involves walking through a facility, identifying ECMs, interviewing personnel and reviewing the facility’s utility bills.  This type of audit identifies no-cost to low-cost energy measures that can substantially reduce energy usage and its cost from 5% to 15%.


Energy Survey & Analysis – Level 2 Audit

This particular type of energy audit focuses on low-cost to no-cost ECMs and provides a list of higher cost ECMs as well. Our certified engineers examine your facility’s energy balance performance, which breaks down energy usage into different end uses. This level of audit is required to attain LEED-EB status, which adds significant value to existing properties.


Detailed – Level 3 Investment Grade Audit / Energy Efficiency Technical Study

Our Level 3 audits include a more detailed building survey and energy analysis than a Level 2. Our certified engineers will identify all appropriate ECMs and provide a financial analysis based on implementation costs, operating costs and attainable savings. For each ECM, we will provide the amount to be saved, the amount each measure will cost and the amount of time it will take for the ECM to pay for itself. The end report provides realistic savings reports with regard to baseline operating costs. A Level 3 Audit will be required for Retro-Commissioning and for access to the over 100 Million dollars that is currently available in New York in Grants, Rebates & Incentives for Energy Efficiency programs.

Or click below for a copy of our energy audit process presentation.

Energy Audit Report