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What is Building Commissioning?

Commissioning is a whole-system approach that ensures that a new building operates initially as the owner intended, through an intensive optimization process that begins during design and continues through construction, occupancy, and operations. Commissioning ensures building quality using peer review and in-field or on-site verification.  Quite similarly, retro-commissioning (RCx) is the process of fine-tuning (upgrading) energy systems in existing buildings to bring them to the original intended level of performance.


How does Building Commissioning Reduce Costs for Building Owners?

Building Commissioning procedures identify energy inefficiencies early on in the construction and design phases, which can save owners significant amount of money from carrying out late-stage repairs or upgrades.  For instance, Commissioning process may identify that the building can utilize fewer lighting fixtures through daylight harvesting designs of windows (daylighting).


 Commissioning involves performing diagnostic monitoring  and ongoing construction observation that helps building owners identify energy efficiency issues as they arise so that they can be addressed with low- to no-cost procedures.


Commissioning also accomplishes higher energy efficiency, environmental health, and occupant safety and improves indoor air quality by making sure the building components are working correctly and that the plans are implemented with the greatest efficiency.


It is important to start the commissioning process early and to bring the commissioning agent (CxA) on board during or before schematic design. Contact our Energy Solutions team at (212)-444-8215 to learn more about Building Commissioning and engage us as your qualified Commissioning agent.

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