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Cogeneration New York

About Us

Associated Renewable is a leading commercial cogeneration New York firm. Our commercial cogeneration New York process involves a preliminary onsite assessment that will examine how efficient a client’s current energy systems are operating. Energy survey and analysis conducted by our energy engineers will identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) for the facility to reduce its energy use without impacting its current or planned operations. Our commercial cogeneration New York process will quantify how much savings potential there is for cogeneration technology and the associated costs for implementation. Associated Renewable’s experts can show you how to take advantage of cogeneration technology to reduce the cost of heating and electricity efficiently and economically. Our professional cogeneration New Yorkteam will analyze and generate solutions to suit your buildings and company energy needs.


What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power (CHP) or distributed generation, is the simultaneous production heat and electricity – typically using natural gas as the fuel source. This offers tremendous efficiency and thus both cost savings and environmental benefits. Installed as a pre-packaged solution, the components of a cogeneration system are an internal combustion, reciprocating engine driving an electric generator. Natural gas fires the engine to produce electricity. The natural byproduct of the working engine is heat, which is used to satisfy thermal loads of the facility including domestic hot water, laundry hot water, and space heating or to provide heat for swimming pools and spas.


Cogeneration Efficiency and Benefits

The average efficiency of fossil-fueled power plants in the United States is 33 percent, a value that is embedded in the price of electricity purchased from the grid. The reason for this low value is that two-thirds of the energy used is vented out as heat into the atmosphere. The value of cogeneration comes in the ability to capture the waste heat and convert it into useful thermal energy.  The simultaneous production of electricity and heat utilizes fuel sources more effectively, ultimately achieving efficiencies in excess of 80 percent!  The benefits include:


  • Lower operating costs.


  • Reduced emissions of all pollutants.


  • Increased reliability and power quality.


  • Reduced demand from the electric grid.


Qualifications for Cogeneration

A facility may be a good candidate for cogeneration if it has a significant thermal load.  Typical good fits include hospitals, hotels & conference centers, colleges & schools, large commercial and multifamily residences.  The following criteria can help determine whether or not your facility is a good candidate for cogeneration:

  • Natural gas is available on site.


  • Thermal loads exist throughout the year.


  • Average electric rate is greater than $0.10 per kWh.


  • Building with over 100 rooms/units.


  • Building has centralized heating and hot water system.


  • Facility has 24/7 manufacturing on site.


  • Facility has a heated pool.


  • Central plant equipment is expected to be replaced, upgraded, or retrofitted within the next 3-5 years.


Our Process

Associated Renewable’s commercial cogeneration New York services are conducted by a team of talented energy professionals who will identify and implement the optimal cogeneration solution. Using the latest and most effective technical instrumentation, our energy professionals will conduct an exhaustive examination of your building’s energy systems and components, identifying the potential to integrate cogeneration technology in order to maximize benefits.  We will propose and design an array of cogeneration solutions to specifically meet your building’s energy requirements.