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Clean Energy New York

What is Green Energy & Clean Energy?

Green energy refers to renewable energy technologies that have little to no associated emissions, such as solar, wind, hydro, or biomass.  Clean energy refers to any energy technology that is outperforming the vast majority of its peer technologies in terms of associated emissions when performing a life cycle analysis.  Examples of clean energy include high efficiency devices that produce low emissions, cutting losses and driving down energy demand.  Many buildings still use #6 heating oil or coal for heating, which is not only a waste of valuable natural resources but also a waste of hard-earned money.  Converting these dirty fuel systems to burn natural gas results in much cleaner operations and significant savings.  Clean energy technologies aim to erase inefficiencies without placing a financial burden on the consumer.  So, what is clean energy?  In one word: savings.


How Do We Develop a Clean Energy New York?

Clean energy adoption isn’t an entirely voluntary process.  New York City adopted a new heating oil regulation requiring nearly 10,000 buildings to switch over boilers operating on #6 or #4 to cleaner fuels.  An example of how important clean energy is can be illustrated in a single statistic: 1% of New York City’s buildings use #6 oil, but those buildings generate 85% of the soot pollution.  Another way to tackle environmental burdens is through energy efficiency operations include employing combined heat and power (CHP).  With CHP, power is generated onsite and excess heat is captured and utilized for building heating purposes.  On average, heating accounts for 36% of a commercial building’s energy use, so cutting down on energy demand by utilizing waste heat is a fiscally wise decision.


Benefits of a Clean Energy New York

New York is the capital of the industrialized world.  Everyone everywhere is looking to see what New York does.  Companies today have the opportunity to be thought leaders in their respective industries by employing clean energy technologies.  In doing so, there is not only a fiscal advantage, but a social and environmental.  In the age of corporate social responsibility, companies must be wary of how they are perceived by the public and its investors.  Many rating and certification agencies, such as LEED and Energy Star, provide third party certification to alert the general and investing public to the good that your company is doing.  There are websites and mutual funds that list and deal exclusively in green and environmentally progressive companies through ecostocks.  Clean sustainable energy promotes clean sustainable growth, and that is just as important to you as it is to your investors.  The long term benefits of a clean energy New York drastically outweigh the upfront capital costs.


Our Process

Associated Renewable provide services from benchmarking to level III energy audits, locating problem areas and offering an array of solutions.  Our trained professions will do everything to meet the needs of the client, from boiler retro-commissioning to green energy recommendation, cost-benefit analysis, and installation.  Associated renewable is a one stop point of contact that will connect your project needs with the right service providers at the right price.  Green energy is the way of the future and New York is always on the forefront.