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Building Envelope New York

Imagine a world where temperatures range over a hundred degrees every year. Where humidity can go from 0-100% in a day and where drought, flooding, and heat waves are all common occurrences.

For the 8 million residents of New York City, this is no fantasy, it is reality.

This is why in New York, a structures building envelope is incredibly important.             


What is a Building Envelope?

The building envelope is the barrier between a building and the outdoor elements. This barrier is formally separated into three different segments: the barrier of energy and materials, the structural integrity of the building’s exterior walls, and the aesthetics of the building’s exterior.  However, although the technical definition includes all three of these segments, often times when people speak of the ‘building envelope’ they primarily refer to a building’s capacity to retain heat.

Consequentially, a crucial component of a structure’s building envelope is its insulation. Insulation is rated by R-values which indicate the amount of thermal resistance they provide. For a building, the sum of its insulation’s R-values gives a sense of efficiency for its building envelope.

It should be noted that building envelope is highly dependent on its imperfections; just as a drafty door will cool an entire room, so too will a flaw in a building envelope compromise the integrity of the entire system. This is why it is crucial to design and maintain building envelopes with a “whole building” thought in mind.


Building Envelope for New York City

Within New York City, the building envelope is an especially important topic. Because of the large variation of climate, buildings undergo an annual heating and cooling cycle. This cycle is incredibly energy intensive and is one of the main reasons why buildings account for close to 70% of energy use in New York City.

By fortifying a structure’s building envelope within New York City, one can lower energy draw significantly.


How can you upgrade your building envelope?

Upgrading your building envelope is a multistep process. In order to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs, it is crucial to undergo an energy audit before proceeding with a building envelope upgrade.

By contacting Associated Renewable, you can sign up to have one of our certified New York City energy auditors preform an audit on your facility. Following the audit, the energy professionals at Associated Renewable will perform a rigorous analysis to pinpoint the areas of issue on your building envelope.

Finally, the team at Associated Renewable will assist with the upgrading and physical installation of your building envelope. Whether it is attic insulation, wall reinforcement, or HVAC upgrades, the Associated Renewable team has the tools, skills, and expertise to help.


Within New York, there is no better way to upgrade your building envelope than with Associated Renewable.