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On-Bill Financing Services

Associated Renewable is a leading authority and expert on financing clients' energy efficiency projects through savings on their energy bills. Off-balance sheet financing allows clients to keep their debt to equity ratios low and those large expenditures do not appear on the balance sheet.


Energy efficiency projects requiring no upfront costs are attainable for our clients. Also attainable, are payment agreements which sustain no additional costs to the client. The essence of this option is that the savings generated from the efficiency upgrades are used as payments for the project.


With our On Bill Financing Program, capital from our lender network pays for the project initially.


As a result of the energy efficient measures applied to the facility, energy consumption will be lower and thus the utility bill will be lower. Payments for the project are applied to the utility bill, resulting in a bill equal to before the project implementation. During the payment period, the utility bill remains the same while paying for the energy services.  Once the project is paid for in full, the savings generated go straight to the client. Everyone wins with our On Bill Financing Program.

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