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Anchor Tenant Financing

An anchor tenant is a large store, such as a department store or supermarket, that is prominently located in a shopping mall to attract customers who are then expected to patronize other shops in the mall.  Similar to multifamily and commercial buildings, anchor tenant buildings benefit a lot from an energy reduction retrofit project.  Aside from the fact that they have similar financial, environmental, and social benefits, the factor that differs for anchor tenant buildings is the advertisement of energy ratings attained.  By being part of a more environmentally friendly and efficient building the recognition, fame, and prestige that comes along helps to grow the business & attract prospective tenants.  And all of that is achieved with no upfront cost. 


Associated Renewable's Finance team offers financing solutions for buildings with anchor tenants. Contact our Energy Solutions team at (212) 444-8215 to learn more about financing anchor tenant buildings' energy efficiency projects.

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