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Alternative Energy

To achieve sustainable energy use, we must be able to meet current consumption needs without compromising future generations’ needs for energy. It is becoming more and more evident that in order to reach maximum sustainability, we must utilize alternative energy.


What is Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy refers to any source or generative technology available that is not currently being utilized to generate the majority of the energy that is being consumed today. It is a vast umbrella term that encompasses renewable energies as well. Common forms of alternative energy are solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuel. Presently, 84% of the energy consumed in the United States comes from coal, natural gas, and petroleum. Alternative energy technology is focused on reducing the severe carbon emissions that develops as a byproduct of these archaic methods. By combining renewable alternative energy projects with energy efficiency projects, long-lasting energy sustainability can be obtained. It is often said that renewable energy and energy efficiency are the two pillars of sustainability.


Overcoming Roadblocks to Alternative Energy

Before alternative energy utilization can become a mainstream mechanism, a few obstacles must be overcome. One of the main issues is that a better understanding of alternative energy technologies must be grasped so that the benefits can be fully understood as well. As our knowledge of these energy options increases, the probability of global-wide incorporation increases. Additionally, the components of these energy systems must also become more readily available. The cost effectiveness of these technologies should also be addressed, as the pay-off period needs to be decreased. All these obstacles, however, are well on their way to being overcome. Associated Renewable’s Energy Solutions team is actively committed to deploying new renewable energy efficiency technologies, products and services. It is only a matter of time before alternative energy becomes a mainstream priority for sustainability.


Our Role

The Associated Renewable team has an in-depth understanding of the various options currently available to clients seeking alternative energy sources in order to achieve lower operating costs and global independence from fossil fuels. Contact us today to learn how you can achieve sustainability from this emerging energy option and how you can implement alternative energy sources to yield the maximum benefits.



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