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Affiliates and Associates

Associated Renewable’s Associates & Affiliates Program Overview

Deregulation of the energy markets has allowed for more competitive selling among marketers and more choices for customers of energy supply.  As a result, Associated Renewable has integrated direct selling into its business model for supplying energy to residential and business customers. Associated Renewable’s Affiliates & Associates (A&A) program allows individuals to earn income immediately and on a recurring basis for marketing energy supply services to residential, small business, multi-family and large commercial customers.


Role of Affiliates & Associates

With diverse experience in energy markets, our affiliates and associates show our customers how to save energy costs by switching their energy supply to our ESCO and also through additional energy efficiency measures (such as energy retrofits, retro-commissioning and demand response programs). Our affiliates are dedicated to establishing a long-term partnership with clients by providing exceptional service, custom rate plans, product variety, and comprehensive pre-enrollment evaluations at no obligation.


Why Choose Associated Renewable’s A&A Program

If you would like the opportunity to become an integral part of a growing industry, our Affiliates and Associates (A&A) program is ideal for you. With minimal initial investment, we can help you get on track to sell electricity, natural gas and renewable energy to individual and business customers.


Join Our A&A Program

If you would like to join our A&A program to market and sell electricity, natural gas and renewable energy to customers, please call (212) 729-1152 or email supply@associatedrenewable.com.

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