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Associated Renewable – Energy Management Solutions

Associated Renewable is a leading end-to-end, energy management company. We help organizations cut energy costs, reduce energy wastage, meet regulatory requirements and achieve their sustainability goals. We conduct building energy audits, install new energy-efficient equipment, supply electricity, natural gas & renewable energy and provide innovative retrofit funding & financing options.


The greatest barrier to improving energy efficiency and implementing energy retrofit projects is the high capital costs required upfront.   Associated Renewable eliminates this financial barrier by providing retrofit funding solutions that do not require any up-front capital investments and have the advantage of being paid back through the utility savings.


Our pioneering funding solutions are off balance sheet and are treated as an operating expense. Our funding also lowers operations & maintenance costs significantly and does not affect any existing mortgages or debt.  We are able to fund smaller retrofit projects starting at $80,000 to larger retrofit projects up to $10 million, per building.


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